Running Withdrawal Symptoms

Over the past few years I've gradually gotten back into running. It's just so easy to squeeze in a quick 5k here and there in my busy lifestyle. I feel healthier, even though I'm one of those runners who gains weight when I train. The best bit, though, is that running gives me time to really think (or not think) and I really enjoy that.

However, I've recently suffered an injury which means that running is out of the question, no matter how tempting a quick jaunt might be. I feel envious when my husband heads out for a run, envious when other runners pass by, envious when friends and family sign up for another race. I'm desperately needing my fix and full recovery can not come fast enough.
I do the physiotherapist's exercises diligently in the hope that she'll discharge me at my next appointment but to no avail. She shakes her head and says that rest is the best thing, besides her exercises, of course.

My poor trainers look all forlorn, especially when lined up next to my husband's ones which have just come back from a hard trail run. I imagine that they feel as upset as I do.



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