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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Food: Byron Talbott's Orange Chicken

I've only recently started watching cooking videos on YouTube and at first I was a bit unsure whether it was a format I was comfortable with. I've watched the Food Channel in the past, but had never ever attempted any recipes where I didn't actually have a print copy first.

I stumbled upon Byron Talbott's Orange Chicken recipe quite by chance. I think it might have popped into my YouTube What to Watch list and I was immediately interested.

The recipe is super quick and easy to follow. There were quite a few specialty ingredients, but I already had these stashed away in my food cupboard, so I didn't need to buy anything too unusual. The orange glaze was ready in less than five minutes. I loved the heat from the ginger and chilli, though I might substitute the ground ginger for fresh ginger next time I make it. The glaze was seriously amazing! The chicken was very crunchy and I think the addition of the milk made it very light. I normally shy away from deep-frying food, but this didn't taste greasy at all.

I drenched the chicken in the orange glaze and then served it on a bed of noodles with stirfry vegetables that had been cooked in toasted sesame oil and soy sauce. An absolute success and so quick and easy to make that it'll definitely become a weekday staple!


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