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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Travel: My Favourite Travel Blogs

I love travelling but wouldn't like to live a nomadic life. My internet browser history however betrays the fact that I am a bit of a virtual nomad. Some of our most exotic holidays have been booked on a whim and although I've slowed down a wee bit since the littlies have arrived, this doesn't stop me from living vicariously through the travel blogs that I follow. These are a few of my favourites:

Inside the Travel Lab
The idea of abandoning a career I'd worked very hard to acquire and then chucking it all in to see the world. Wow - so very, very tempting! Doctor Abi travels the world and takes us along too. Her photography is beautiful and her writing really makes me think.

The World Wanderer
Erin aims to see every country in the world. I'd love to do this and am enjoying reading about her trials and tribulations along the way. I really felt for her when her passport recently went AWOL after she'd handed it in to a visa agency. She handled the episode with such grace despite her travel plans having to be cancelled. Poor girl.

The Lazy Travelers
Two friends, Ashley (the "romantic") and Carolyn (the"wino"), write about their travels separately and together. Less off the beaten track, more city breaks and western travel, but with lots of humour. Their twitter feed is really funny and I've been enjoying reading about how Ashley is settling into London life.

The Little Baobab
My lovely friend, Simon, writes about his life in Senegal with his young family. His photography is beautiful, especially those of people and traditional ceremonies, and his writing voice really manages to capture a feel of what he's experienced. He runs a guesthouse (The Little Baobab) and is busy writing a novel. Busy, busy man!

Africa Clockwise
More friends, this time the Sampson family, expat Brits and very proudly South African, are travelling around Africa from Cape Town in their big green truck using bio-fuel with their kids as they attempt to set a Guinness World Record. It's been amazing tracking their progress, however, I was immensely relieved when Mark was given leave to halt their trip for the time-being when he encountered the Ebola epidemic in Liberia. His writing about his time in Monrovia was so moving. I stand in awe of their resolve and look forward to reading about their further travels once this horrible epidemic is over. Safe travels!


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