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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Food: Eggs Benedict and Two Variations with Easy Hollandaise Sauce

I always have Eggs Benedict for brunch when I see it on a menu, and ever since I discovered an easy hollandaise sauce recipe I now make this at home too at any opportunity.

The sauce
The  key to making the hollandaise sauce with a handheld blender as I've done here, is to add the melted butter very very slowly, incorporating thoroughly before adding more. Keep the completed sauce warm by resting your bowl of sauce above another bowl filled with hot water. If you find the sauce too thick, add a little warm water and mix.

The eggs
I'm a newcomer to the world of poached eggs. At the moment I haven't graduated beyond the "cling film method". I like that I can check the egg easily while cooking with this method. Maybe someday I'll graduate to the scary "whirlpool method". I like the yolk nice and runny, but just about to start solidifying. Yum!

The variations
For Eggs Benedict, smoked bacon or ham is traditional, however, I prefer Parma ham. For Eggs Royale, smoked salmon is used, whereas Eggs Florentine contains spinach (creamed spinach is fantastic here). I like to add avocado into the mix as well, to cut through the richness of the hollandaise.

I start on a base of toasted English muffins. To this I add a thin layer of sliced avocado . I then add my filling (either parma ham, smoked salmon or creamed spinach). I place a poached egg on top of this and then drizzle generously with Hollandaise sauce. Eat quickly!

Absolutely delicious!


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