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Friday, 13 March 2015

Running: Everyone Needs to Start Somewhere

I absolutely love running in Scotland in the springtime. After the darkness of the winter, I feel like I need to come out of hibernation and move. Running allows me to do that. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I stopped running nearly a year ago after a pretty sustained injury. After some physiotherapy and lots of yoga, my body feels really strong again and I thought that it was time to venture forth and attempt a proper run.

I donned my running gear with glee and went for what I thought would be a painful re-initiation but was pleasantly surprised. I succeeded in reaching 5km and afterwards, my legs felt as if they could quite happily have run for another few km. I am really excited at the prospect of upping my distance over the next few weeks to see just how far my legs can carry me. Instead of jumping straight into a micoach training plan and committing to a race, I want to run for my own enjoyment for just a bit. I leave you with some pictures from my run.


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