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Friday, 1 May 2015

Life: A Healthy and Happy 2015 - Update 4

April has been a healthier month, compared to last month. The days leading up to our family vacation were a bit fraught but thankfully our time away on Islay was incredibly relaxing. As usual a break in my routine did lead to some things slipping, but I'm okay with that, as I've had some great successes this month as well. Swings and roundabouts, I guess!

1. Water my Body Challenge
Keeping my body hydrated has been a bit tricky this month as we've had some very hot (for Scotland) days. I find that I forget about my water intake when I'm busy or travelling, so this is something I definitely  need to work on, especially since I'm also starting to introduce more cardiovascular exercise into my routine as well. The app is great for reminding me to drink when I'm home or near a water source but when I'm in the car or out and about it's less so. I think carrying some water around with me at all times might help.

2. Yoga Challenge
I was successful in practising daily yoga at the beginning of the month and thoroughly enjoyed doing an 45min-60min Yoga with Adriene (Yoga for Weightloss) practises every day while watching the waves from our rented beach house while we were away. I did find that the hour-long sessions left my body feeling exhausted. On our return I felt the need to allow my body to recover and have been doing yoga on alternate days since then. I think that my stamina during yoga is something I'll be working on in May and plan to alternate longer sessions with shorter ones. Perhaps switching between Erin Motz's Bad Yogi shorter sessions and the longer Yoga with Adriene ones, to keep things fresh.

3. Headspace
This month I completed a 90 day run streak on Headspace while doing the Headspace Sleep pack. I am definitely falling asleep much easier and find myself naturally becoming drowsy as my bedtime nears. I am so happy with my progress on this and can definitely see the benefits of doing daily meditation. I've become a lot more accepting, kinder and patient with myself and this in turn has changed my approach to life and the people around me. I plan to continue my meditation with a Headspace pack on Creativity and also plan to do a pack on Running. Here's to the next 90 days!

4. Running
I'm so happy to be out running again. My first few runs were very tentative as I tested my legs, feet and hips to see if any of the old niggles had returned. Thankfully all seems well and I've managed to bring my longer runs back up to 10k with not too much effort. My marathoning husband has very kindly chummed me on these runs which has been great for keeping my mind off things and also pacing me. I'm planning to increase my mileage over May and hope to sign up for my first half-marathon now that I am injury-free.

5. Next Steps
I eat a healthy diet, for the most part, and generally keep my snacking to a minimum but running has left me ravenous in the late afternoon. I'm hoping to make some small changes to combat this. My husband always snacks on fruit and nuts to keep those hunger pangs at bay but any other advice from the runners out there will be gratefully received.

Dry body-brushing is still as painful as ever, though my skin is still very soft. I still am not seeing any other benefits but plan to continue with this for another month and then decide whether I want to continue.

I'd like to have one day a week where I switch off completely from social media and this blog. I really enjoyed participating in the #bigturnoff earlier this year and think that making this a regular thing will hugely benefit me and my family.

I hope you all have  a lovely May.


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