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Friday, 29 May 2015

Life: My Current Youtube Favourites

I only really discovered YouTube as a platform for watching specific channels about three years ago. It's probably how I gained enough knowledge to actually enjoy wearing makeup. Initially I binge-watched Pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge videos and then later I discovered the VlogBrothers and the Pemberley Digital storytelling channel which introduced me to the Lizzy Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved (both modern re-tellings of Jane Austen classics). I still watch these types of videos but I no longer spend as much time on YouTube. My subscription list is quite long but there are only a few channels that I watch compulsively, just as soon as they upload a new video.

I love watching a Ted Talk every night just before I start winding down for the evening. These challenge my views on how I see the world and exercise my brain in a fantastic way (check out this and this). For my well-being, I love Yoga with Adriene and the Bad Yogi. Adriene Mischler and Erin Motz are both fantastic but their styles are different and I find myself switching between the two depending on my mood. For makeup and lifestyle, I've been enjoying Ashley's That Is All channel and also Anna's ViviannaDoesMakeup channel. Both of these YouTubers bring a lot of themselves into their videos and because  it feels as if I'm catching up with a good friend, I click on these as soon as they're published. My favourite YouTuber of the moment is AmandaMuse, a Canadian xxpat mummy who was first living in Malaysia and is now back in Canada. Her vlogs are positive, chatty and real and I'm grateful that she's decided to share her journey through parenthood with YouTube.

What are your YouTube favourites? I'd love to discover something new.


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