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Friday, 8 May 2015

Running: My Running Gear Wishlist

Now that I'm getting back into running, I'm pretty keen to sort out my running gear. I find that certain brands work best for me. Comfort and practicality supersedes all else when it comes to running gear. I love a good zipped pocket for keys and mobile phone and clothes with air vents and wicking properties incorporated into them to keep me feeling comfortable.

My favourite running tops are those from New Balance as they have air vents in the back. I prefer long sleeved tops for running in Scotland, as they protect against the cold in the winter and from midgie bites in the summer. I swear by Shock Absorber sports bras and since my current one has seen a bit of action, I'll be treating myself to this purple one. In the summer I like to switch to capri running tights so that I don't overheat. I normally go for black ones but think I'll switch things up a bit this year by trying out a pink printed pair instead. I've learned that a more padded sock is much better for my feet when I'm increasing my mileage and this pair by Hilly have felt very comfortable in the past. I've found self getting very thirsty on my longer runs so plan to invest in a bottle that I can easily carry with me and also plan to give myself an energy boost with some isotonic gels by SiS. I've used these in the past and my marching husband swears by them too. I'm also very tempted to buy the Garmin Forerunner 10, which my husband has used for the past few years. I plan to trial his for a bit before I make a decision on whether I like it. Finally, I need to invest in some proper running headphones. My ear canal is quite small so normal earbuds are constantly falling out. I think headband earphones might be just the ticket!

If you have any recommendations for running gear, I'm all ears!


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