Travel: A Short Trip to Switzerland with Baby

We travelled extensively before having children and were determined that this would not change once  be became parents. We planned our first trip just as our baby turned 6 months, which made baby a bit more portable and gave us well-deserved rest after a six month campaign of sleep deprivation. We chose Switzerland, as we both love being in the mountains but also because the flight time to Switzerland from Scotland is relatively short.

We firstly spent a few days near Lausanne and enjoyed lovely walks along Lake Geneva and amongst the vineyards above the lake. We carried the baby in a baby carrier and used a parasol (terribly twee), to shield the baby from the sun's rays.

Next we made a short hop and a short train journey to the traffic free town of Wengen up in the mountains, which afforded us beautiful views of the Jungfraujoch. 

We did quite a few walks in the vicinity where we gazed astounded at the beauty of the Eiger and made a few friends with a few lazy cows.

All in all an easy first trip with a of many.



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