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Friday, 5 June 2015

Life: A Healthy and Happy 2015 - Update 5

Goodness me, May has been a very busy month! As the school year draws to a close (term ends at the end of June here in Scotland), the kids  have had so much going on and I've been ferrying them here, there and everywhere and trying not to run around like a headless chicken the rest of the time. My tried and tested ways of keeping things organised are working though, so there is that and despite being busy, I've still managed to carve out a bit of me-time everyday through meditation and yoga.

1. Water my Body Challenge
I think I've finally succeeded in understanding when my body needs water and actually acting on that. It's taken a long time, but I've reached a point where I stop at certain points of the day and do a quick scan and tally to see whether I need to hydrate. I'm not relying on the app as much as I used to either and I think that meditation and learning to look inwards has certainly helped with this too.

2. Yoga Challenge
I realised pretty early on in May that if I allowed myself to choose what type of yoga I was going to do each day, I'd probably choose the least energetic option. I decided to repeat the 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene Challenge and have been thoroughly enjoying this. Most of the sessions are around the 30 minute mark which seems to be what my body likes at the moment.

3. Headspace
I've just completed the Headspace pack on Creativity and have now decided to work my way through the Headspace Pro packs which are more about meditation without the verbal walkthrough. I'm really looking forward to this and feel so grateful that Headspace and meditation has become a daily part of my life. I meditate for 20 minutes each day and find that mornings are generally best.

4. Food
I have IBS and my body goes through cycles of becoming increasingly sensitive to gluten. I'm in one of those cycles now and am embracing gluten-free cooking. As soon as I cut out the gluten, the bloating and cramping stopped and I lost 3lbs, probably because I'd stopped snacking on biscuits and other wheat treats. My IBS tends to be lifestyle-related and stays under control when I am relaxed and under no stress, so I am hoping that my schedule returns to normal soon.

5. Next Steps

Signing up for a Half-Marathon has officially become one of my THINGS. I've nearly signed up a few times but keep chickening out, as the time commitment for training feels a bit daunting. Why, oh why? I need to JUST DO IT!

I've managed to switch off my phone on two weekend days this month which was great as I felt like I was more present in the here and now. I'd like to do this every Saturday in June.

I'd like June to be another dry month, as I know that I'll be indulging a bit more than usual over the summer.

Wish me luck!

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