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Friday, 12 June 2015

Life: What's Blooming in My Garden - June 2015

We're currently enjoying superb weather in Scotland and I've been spending a lot of time enjoying our little garden. The garden is really a work in progress and even though we've been gardening for a few years now, we still know so little. Our aim is to have splashes of colour throughout the year, but for the past few years, June has been the month when the garden comes alive and butterflies, bees and birds pay a visit.

Rhododendrons are so beautiful and bring a fantastic, ultraviolet splash of colour to our garden.  They bloom for such a short period but while they are around, they teem with bumble bees, a very happy sight.

Unfortunately bluebell season is coming to an end. They look best in a wooded dell. Bluebell season in Roslin Glen (home to Roslin Chapel) is definitely a must-see.

Our window boxes are currently filled with petunias in various colours. 

While our other roses are just about waking up, this climbing rose in a very sunny spot is well on its way.

We plant strawberries every year as the littlies love them. There are so many strawberry flowers this year which usually means a bumper crop. We need to remember to cover the plants with net this year so that we feed ourselves, rather than the birds.

The chive flowers are on their way out as well. They're so pretty that I'm considering planting a whole lot more next year!

Have a great weekend.


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