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Friday, 19 June 2015

Travel: Our Last Hurrah in Florence - Babymooning in Firenze

This week I came across a bag from a nearly forgotten trip from our life before kids. It's a cloth bag from the beautiful indoor food market (Mercato Centrale) in Florence and since the bag is quite fragile it had hardly been used. I've used it today, while running errands in town, and it brought back so many lovely memories of our trip to Florence, when I was heavily pregnant with our first-born. Before having kids we were adamant, naively so,  that our lives wouldn't change too much post-pregnancy and within months we'd be hauling baby up mountains and the like. I guess we figured that a little baby was very portable, but a small part of us must have realised that this was rubbish and so we booked  a week-long trip to Tuscany to indulge in an arty final hurrah.

We spent a week indulging ourselves with art and visited the Uffizi Gallery, where we marvelled at room upon room of fabulously, magnificent work and then went on a tour of the incredibly detailed Michelangelo sculptures dotted around the city. I confess that I wept (blame the pregnancy hormones of a lapsed Catholic) when I saw the Pieta.

Pregnant but not inactive, we climbed up the Duomo to see the view of the city and did the same at the beautiful Boboli Gardens on a hillside overlooking the city.

We visited the Ponte Vecchio over the Arno River daily, and eventually stopped at a little leather shop on the bridge to buy a pair of leather gloves as a memento. I still wear these every year and revel in the memories they invoke.

Have you had something innocuous bring back such strong memories of your travels?


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