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Friday, 10 July 2015

Life: Planner Haul #1

I've spent the month getting slowly hooked on Plan with Me videos on YouTube and after initially scoffing at the idea of wasting time decorating my diary, have now succumbed to the dark side. Once the initial decorating had begun, I decided to purchase a new 18 month diary (mid-August start) too and then I started browsing on Etsy and discovered a whole new world of planner supplies. I'm finding this new hobby of mine very relaxing and  am really enjoying the act of decorating my diary alongside the kids, while they do their own crafting.

After weighing up the pros and cons of various diaries, my first big purchase was an Organised Mum Life Book Diary mid-2015/2016, which has quite a few added extras like Christmas and Summer  Holiday planning sections, budgets and address sections. I've used this diary this year and loved it, and so decided to give it a go for another year. Organised Mum also sells some stickers and this year I opted for some household/family ones and page pointers.

I purchased tons of Washi Tape mostly from FiloMioz on Etsy and also bought two planner sets from her shop too. These come with some planner dashboards (with pretty sticky notes), washi strips, planner stickers, pretty paperclips, fine tip pen (with macaron) and a planner divider. I also purchased a single hole-punch so that I could add my own inserts to the diary. Also on Etsy, I bought quite a few planner stickers from Plannable Designs, including a sampler set, cleaning set and grocery basket set. From Amazon, I purchased a single hole paper punch so that I could add my own inserts into my diary this year.

After being a sceptic, I've been amazed as to how much more efficient a decorated diary has made me. In just a week, I've accomplished all those little tasks that have been bugging me all year. I'm still not sure as to how this works though. Perhaps having a pretty diary, means that I actually look at my to-do list throughout the day? Who knows?

What are your favourite Etsy Planner supply shops?


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