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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Life: A Healthy and Happy 2015 - Update 8

I love that I constantly learn new things about myself. It reminds me of when someone I know very well still manages to surprise me. I love these little moments and I guess that since I've been more open to the idea of self-discovery this year, I've been around to notice them when they've happened inside me. The purpose of these monthly updates  was to track my progress over the course of the year so that I could track the little changes I'd made, from month to month, in my goal to make 2015 a healthier and happier year. Somewhere along the way, I slipped into the bad habit I have of competing with myself, which is not what I'd planned in the first place. I need to learn to dial back the pressure I place on myself.

I've picked up another injury (one that's been nagging since I started training) which means that unfortunately I've had to pull out my half-marathon. I was very upset at this advice from my physio, and immediately started looking at half-marathons being held later on in the year. It was when my very wise marathon-runner husband asked me "What's the rush?" that I finally stopped and asked myself the same question. I've imposed a silly challenge on myself to run a marathon next year, and there's absolutely no reason for me to restrict myself to doing the marathon in 2016. I think the healthier approach is to continue running every week and slowly increase my mileage, so that my body can get stronger. I now know that I am capable of running longer distances, but I really should concentrate on keeping my body in one piece while doing so, and listen when my body tells me to stop. I have however learned to love running again, which is a huge bonus. My physio has given me some pretty intensive exercises to do, so for the next few weeks I plan to concentrate on these.

I am currently working my way through another 30 day Headspace pack on Focus. I feel that this is probably a pack that I'll repeat as soon as I've completed it. Headspace continues to give me some welcome quiet and clarity in my life so  I was surprised to hear that it's been a year since I've signed up. I'll definitely be renewing my membership.

Over the next month, I'll be working on making our home better organised using Marie Kondo's advice from her book, the The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. After reading the book I initially pooh-poohed the mumbo-jumbo but since then, we've been working together as a family to declutter our home and the air in the house already feels fresher.

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