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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Life: Planner Haul #3

I've been using my diary more and more as a life planner and I am still finding that using stickers makes planning my weeks more enjoyable and also more effective. My daily plans are generally very ornate to-do lists. Even so, they have made me more productive, so after cancelling my My Little Box subscription, I decided to use the money saved to fuel my new planner-decorating addiction. I favour UK Etsy shops and others that have reasonable shipping costs to the UK. This does, however, rule out vast swathes of the more popular Etsy shops. That said, I'm very happy with the shops I've used thus far.

From StickEWicket Designs I purchased some ornate paperclips and household chores sticker and from the Crafty Planner Addict I purchased some seasonal decorative and functional kawaii stickers. Finally, I went a bit wild at Let's Plan It. I picked up some postbox, television, fitness, shopping cart, credit card, washing machine, baking and eyebrow stickers. I am so looking forward to using all of these and already have some others bookmarked.

Which sticker shops would you recommend?

Happy planning!


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