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Friday, 2 October 2015

Life: A Healthy and Happy 2015 - Update 9

The start of October has come as a bit of a surprise. We're officially in the final quarter of the year and autumn is truly here. Despite the weather being surprisingly balmy this week, the leaves are changing and I've been greeted with some beautiful vistas on my daily walk with the dog. At the start of every season, I always find myself feeling very excited, for what the next few months will bring, and this month is no exception.

Running has been on hold for the month while I've been seeing the physio, and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today, I had a tentative jog while out walking the dog and experienced no pain at all, so I am definitely on the road to recovery. 

I've still been meditating daily and am repeating the Headspace Pro packs, which are the meditations with less talking, which I seem to prefer. I'm also going to attempt some mindful running meditations to see if I can be more mindful when running.

I've neglected yoga over the past few months in favour of the daily pilates exercises I've been given by my physio, but as I get stronger I plan to start daily yoga again, starting with Erin Motz's 10 Day Ab Challenge which will be good for my core. I want to keep my body and mind relaxed as we move into the busier festive months and this should be a good start.

You've probably noticed that I've been blogging less frequently last month. Instead I joined my first Instagram challenge which I thoroughly enjoyed as a daily creative outlet, which prompted me to look out for the beauty in every day. Check out #scrumptiouskitchen during October. Regular service resumes in October

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