Travel: A Trip to Coastal Maine

After spending a few days in Maine over the summer last year, we decided to return this year and decided travel east from Portland, onward to Camden and finally settle in Acadia National Park. Apart from eating as much seafood as we could, we also spent quite a bit of time hiking and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. 

In Camden we opted to stay in a lake house which afforded as beautiful views and tranquillity, a lovely start to our trip. Camden comes highly recommended. The harbour is picturesque and the town has numerous galleries, delis and bistros.

After a few days of R&R where we spent our days reading in the sun and padding in a canoe we headed further east for a few active days on Mount Desert Island, the home of Acadia National Park.

We visited some beautiful beaches. Sand Beach and Eagle Lake Beach were our favourites. 

Enjoyed some pretty sunsets.

The hikes were a spectacular mix of woodland, sea and mountains and even though it was high summer the park was large enough for us to find moments where we felt that we had the park to ourselves. 

Where to Eat: Rosalie's Pizza in Bar Harbor; Red Sky in South West Harbor; Thurston's Lobster Pound in Bernard

For lobster shack recommendations look here. For Portland foodie (with kids) recommendations look here.



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