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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Beauty: My Budget Bath Time Favourites

Bath time is a bit of a luxury for me as I often lack the time to wallow in the bath. I used to spend a bit more on bath time products to indulge myself a bit more, but have realised recently that a higher product price tag doesn't really affect the enjoyment of the act of bathing and for the past few months I've been discovering a few budget bath time options which all work really well for me.

My favourite bath time addition is Himalayan Bath Salts which are said to possess detoxifying properties. I use these when I want a guaranteed good night's sleep as these make me feel very drowsy. Expensive versions cost upwards of £35 pounds for 500g but the budget versions, such as those produced by Westlab cost £4.99 for 1kg of Pure Mineral Bathing Himalayan Salt.  On nights when my body is aching after too much exercise, a bath in Epsom Salts is great for soaking away those  aches and pains. Again a 1kg bag costs £4.99. 

To make the bath more aromatic I add a few drops of an essential oil, like those in the Tisserand Everyday Essential Oil Kit (lavender for sleep and eucalyptus for congestion). Alternatively, when I don't mind the mess, I add a few dried rose petals or camomile flowers for a more fragrant bath. 



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