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Friday, 6 November 2015

Life: A Healthy and Happy 2015 - Update 10

October was a month devoted to family and as a result the focus was less on me and more on others, which is usually the way, but I felt it even more so this month. The kids were off school for the half-term break which was a bit tiring, but we also managed a wee trip to Wales, which we all enjoyed. This was our first family holiday with the dog and she had a whale of a time chasing after pheasants. After the success of car-trip with the dog, we're definitely planning some more trips with her.

I'm still seeing the physio but am also running a bit more. I'm currently doing short daily runs while I rebuild my fitness and hope to be back to running longer distances over the next few months. I'm trying very hard to not put any pressure on myself so while I do have a race in mind for early next year, I've not signed up yet, and instead want to focus on my recovery without a deadline. 

 I'm back to doing daily yoga and have once again started the Erin Motz 30-day Yoga Challenge with This challenge is a gentle way of easing myself back into a daily yoga regimen as all the sessions are under 30 mins. This is definitely aiding my recovery and I find that I'm sleeping a lot better which means that I'm also waking up with a more relaxed body. Erin Motz's gentle, smiley persona also helps.

 My Headspace mediations are still a daily habit and I recently completed my 365th session with the app. I do find that morning meditation works a lot better for me as it starts my day on a more mindful note and also means that I am less likely to fall asleep during meditation. I'm currently working my way through the Headspace Pro Pack (#5) for the umpteenth time, but plan to move onto a new 30 day pack soon.

After suffering a bit of IBS discomfort I've returned to a  gluten-free diet for at least the next month, which feels really good, as my symptoms have completely abated. I'm also planning a mostly dry November before the craziness of December, and am allowing myself one glass of wine per week, preferably over Sunday night's dinner.

For the past few months I've been blogging a bit less, partly because it started to feel like a chore but also because I'd started prioritising other things (Cooking Fever game I'm looking at you!). After our trip away, I returned feeling a lot more inspired and want to spend a bit more time working on my blog but want to remind myself that it is just a hobby and should at all times remain fun. I'm trying out new things in the kitchen, cooking a lot more for friends and while I'm still uncertain about where this blog is going to go,  I'll keep things as they are for the next month at least and possibly change the direction of the blog next year. 

 I'm quite keen to hear what your bloggy interests are as I know very little about the people that read this blog.

 Hope to hear from you. 

My previous Health and Happiness Update can be found here.


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