Travel: Bodnant Gardens, North Wales

We visited North Wales a few weeks ago during the October mid-term break and stayed in a lovely cottage on the Bodnant Estate in Conwy. We'd booked this through an agency and had no idea about the beauty of the Bodnant Estate but were in for a treat. After a particularly wet morning on our first day we decided to take a trip to the nearby Bodnant Garden which we realised latterly was world famous. 

On our arrival, the kids were given a sheet so that they could play Bodnant Garden. Bingo which proved an absolute hit. We've visited other gardens in the past and usually the kids would race through, not really taking anything in. Here, however, kids were encouraged to look for things big and small like a mausoleum, cat grave or door handle and they were kept amused for 2 hours, which gave us more than enough time to have a good look at the amazing botanical collection. The leaves were turning and we were greeted with some magnificent displays. 

Unfortunately our pooch wasn't allowed in but during the winter dogs are welcome.  Afterwards, we visited the Welsh Food Centre, also on the Bodnant Estate, for some tea and scones and to make some purchases at their fantastic delicatessen. If only I could visit more often. Definitely reason enough to return.



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