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My two great passions in life are travel and food and as a result, I love reading food memoirs, especially those with an element of travel. I often feel that I can understand a person more if I know what they like to eat. My holiday reading always includes  a book set in the place I will be visiting, and if that book includes food, all the better. Here are a few recommendations:

Where Shall We Go For Dinner by Tamasin Day-Lewis
A food memoir with romance. Tamasin Day-Lewis' (sister of Daniel) desciptions of the meals she eats with her partner and her illustrious friends around the world will leave your mouth watering. A book I come back to time and time again and the recipes are good too!

Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard
Another love story with recipes which tells of the authors acceptance and integration into French society through food. It gave a lovely insight into French culture and will have you yearning for your next French adventure, with lots of French food.

Dear Francesca by Mary Contini
The Contini family are well known on the Edinburgh food scene and this book is a beautiful tale of the family's history in Italy and Scotland. Mary Contini lists various ingredients and has a story or a recipe to go along with each.

Cooking with Coco by Anna del Conte
A cookery book which I read as a memoir. I loved how Anna del Conte passes her Italian food knowledge down to her grandkids. What a wonderful legacy!



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