Travel: Take Me Back to Cuba

I've often planned trips purely on a whim, and Cuba was one such trip. We flew into Havana where we stayed in a casa particular (B&B), and were met with fading grandeur. This gave us a bit of an insight into the lives of the local people but we really wished that we could speak Spanish so that we could really pry into what living in Cuba was really like.

 We sipped delicious mojitos at many local bars but our favourite was La Bodeguita del Medio where Ernest Hemingway was said have frequented. The food was good here too!

Signs of communism were everywhere, from the statues of Che Guevara to the local food markets where very little was being sold, to the tourist currency we were using.

Later we travelled further inland to Vinales where we drove scooters, rode horses and generally chilled out. We left still feeling as if we'd barely scratched the surface. Perhaps it's a place that is hard for those of us from capitalist societies to understand.



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