Travel: A Boat up the Mekong Delta

When my days seem to be moving way to fast I sometimes revisit one of my calmer memories, a boat journey up the Mekong Delta.

I visited Vietnam during the rainy season and as our next stop was Cambodia , we decided to leave the country by travelling through the Mekong Delta. The Mekong River was full and this gave us a fantastic insight into life along this great river. We passed through a floating market, where people plied their wares from their rowboats while the shoppers called from their stilted houses.

We visited traditional villages and watched while boats carried their huge cargos all at the mercy of the Mekong.

Children played along the riverbanks, and called cheerful "hellos" to us on our boat.  Eventually the river traffic quietened down with only the occasion stilted house to be seen.

The reason for this was evident as we passed many submerged trees. All to soon, we reached the Cambodian border. We alighted and were shown to an official building along the banks of the Mekong. Certainly the most out -of - the - way border crossing I'd ever been to.



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