Travel: The Majesty of the Scottish Highlands

One I question I always get asked by other people from warmer climes now living in Scotland is, "How do you stand the weather?" For me the answer is always the same, "It's easy because of the mountains."I didn't know I loved the mountains as much as I do until I came to live here. Yes, I'd spent time hiking before I moved here, and even enjoyed it, but it was only when I made Scotland my home, that I really began to appreciate that they were my happy place.

I've spent many, many happy hours hillwalking (hiking), and for a time (before the littlies arrived) I was a Munro-bagger, or scaler of all mountains or hills in Scotland over 3000ft. The Scottish highlands are majestic, beautiful, wild and some places very remote. I've walked in wind, rain, snow and even gotten sunburnt on some.

I haven't climbed as many hills since becoming a mother, but I like that the mountains will always be there, just waiting for me to climb them. I had a season of hillwalking and that season will come round once again once the littlies are older. I can wait.



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