Craft: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

This is the first year that the littlies seem to be interested in Valentine's Day at all. I've promised to make pancakes and thought it would be a lovely idea to make a post-it notes heart where we each get to write the things we love about each other on post-it notes and then stick them on the wall/fridge in the shape of a heart.

It was only once I met my husband that I started to appreciate Valentine's Day. We don't subscribe to the flowers, dinner and a movie idea but instead spend the evening in, cooking our favourites together and then gift each other something small and thoughtful. I like to give him something that I've made myself. I like to keep him focussed in my thoughts while I'm in my making-mode so that whatever I've created is made with love.

I often turn to origami when I'm feeling stressed and feel the need to create something. I find the action of paper-folding very therapeutic and sometimes do this in the evenings after a hard day. I find the instructions for most of my creations online so this year  instead of buying a Valentine's card, I decided to buy pre-folded card from a craft shop and then decorate the front with an origami heart. Inside I pasted an easy origami heart and used this as an envelope, filling these with origami hearts, one for every Valentine's Day we've been together.

For my something small and thoughtful gift, I've put together a Watch Our Love Grow jar, filled with tiny scrolls on which I've written some of the things I love about him, with the idea that we can add to this through the year. Interpersed through these, I've also added some monthly scrolls in a co-ordinating colour for a date idea for each month of the year. The plan is that we can chat about this and come up with some ideas over dinner.

My husband and I have also decided to participate in the Headspace #thebigturnoff this year so that we can be completely present with each other through the day.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day this year? 

Wishing you a lovely day for you and yours,


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