Food: Roasted Vegetable and Sausage Quesadillas

Summer lunches have taken quite a bit of thought over the past month. The kids would be quite happy munching on avocado or cheese sandwiches every day but I find that if I let them restrict their diets like that, they become less open to trying new things, which means that more and more of my offerings run the risk of being rejected.

Quesadillas are something that they love to make. We use  corn tortillas to keep them gluten-free and the kids get to assemble their own, generally from whatever we have in the fridge. This time, after roasting some vegetables with some Italian sausages the night before, we had this for lunch the next day.

Roasted Vegetable and Sausage Quesadillas

Roasted Vegetable and Sausage Quesadillas

1 cup leftover meat or vegetables (I had roasted veg and gluten-free chopped sausage)
1 cup grated cheddar cheese (or feta)
2 tbsp sour cream
1 avocado, chopped
1 tomato, chopped
1 tbsp coriander leaves

8 mini corn tortillas (gluten-free)
oil for frying

1. Divide the ingredients between 4 tortillas.
2. Cover each tortilla with another tortilla.
3. Fry in hot oil on each side until golden and crispy.
4. Drain on kitchen roll and serve immediately.

I enjoyed this outside with a Virgin (Bloody) Mary.



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