Beef Brisket in Barbecue Sauce for the Slow Cooker

We seem to have left the worst of the winter behind and my body is definitely calling out  for a change in diet. Gone are the heavy comfort foods I was craving through the colder months and back are the grills, roasts and salads I turn to in the warmer months. The weather here in Scotland is never predictable and so making firm plans for barbecuing outside is a bit foolhardy. This recipe for a beef brisket in barbecue sauce cooked in the slow cooker is perfect for those days when you want to offer relaxed entertaining in the summer but you're not sure what you're going to find when you open the curtains in the morning. Amazingly delicious!

Beef Brisket in Barbecue Sauce for the Slow Cooker

Beef Brisket in Barbecue Sauce Crockpot UK

1kg beef brisket
2 tbsp olive oil
1tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground pepper
125ml dry sherry
2 onions, diced
2tbsp tomato paste
2tbsp balsamic vinegar
2tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2tbsp Dijon Mustard
125 ml Coca-Cola
125ml ketchup
125ml beef stock
100g muscovado sugar
1tsp sweet smoked paprika

1.  Dry meat with a kitchen towel and season with salt and pepper.

2.  Heat oil on high in a heavy-bottomed saucepan and sear meat on all sides. Place in slow cooker.

3.  Add onions to heavy-bottomed sauce (previously used to sear meat) and cook until softened. 

4.  Deglaze pan with sherry and then cook until volume has reduced by half.

5. Add tomato paste, balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, Coca-Cola, ketchup, beef stock, muscovado sugar and sweet smoked paprika to the pan and stir to combine.

6. Pour sauce over the meat in the slow cooker.

7. Cook in slow cooker for 8-10 hours on low or 5-7 hours on high.

8.  Once cooking time has elapsed, transfer the cooking liquid to a sauce pan and reduce sauce until it  thickens. Keep an eye on it as it has a tendency to disappear if not careful. 

9. Serve sliced meat on soft rolls with coleslaw and that delicious sauce poured over the top!

10. Serves 4.




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